It is with great pleasure that we announce the selection of Consensus, for a comprehensive case study featured on Microsoft’s website. This recognition reinforces the credibility of our application and cements its standing as a best-in-breed Microsoft based solution for legal and procurement teams managing contract and matter management processes.

The case study emphasizes the manner in which Consensus harnesses the best of Microsoft Power Platform and Microsoft 365 to offer an integrated solution for legal and procurement teams. Developed on Power Apps, utilizing Power Automate for workflow orchestration and Power BI for predefined reporting and data analysis, Consensus exemplifies the complete potential of the Power Platform.

As a specialised consulting firm, Barhead has consistently concentrated on assisting clients in modernising their systems and processes using the Microsoft technology stack. The inclusion of our application in a Microsoft case study substantiates our approach and solidifies our standing as a reliable and inventive partner for organisations seeking to streamline their operations.

The case study also underscores the value derived from the ISV Connect program and AppSource in terms of technical and go-to-market support for Barhead. Our collaboration with Microsoft has facilitated the ongoing success and expansion of Consensus, enabling us to connect with new clients across the globe and scale our sales more substantially.

We take immense pride in the fact that Consensus is among the select few contract lifecycle and matter management solutions in AppSource developed entirely using Microsoft technologies. The case study serves as a shining example of the significant impact our application has had on both our business and our clients. We eagerly anticipate continued success and growth with the support of Microsoft and the ISV Connect program.

To learn more about Consensus and the positive impact it can have on your organisation, download the case study.